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Sifting through information on the internet takes can too much time and sometimes you still don’t find what you need. So we’ve gone and done the digging for you (because we like to make things easy). Let’s dive in.

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Customer Focused
Magellan's leaders listen with care and are open to finding new ways of working. And while we listen to and value our team's perspective, we're always listening to our members.

In fact, we're proud to say that more than 77% of our employees say "Customer Focus" is our best attribute as an organization.
Challenging Work
Our work is challenging, yet rewarding. And our staff is diverse, yet unified by a common purpose. Our strength lies in numbers, and we're all individually responsible for our collective success.

That's why more than 78% of our staff feel positive about our 'challenging work,' and nearly 75% say co-worker quality is excellent. 
Integrity & Trust
73% of our employees believe co-workers have excellent integrity.

What's more, our team are also compelled to recommend Magellan Health to their trusted network...which is evidenced by an impressive 33% of hires coming from internal referrals.
"We’re so different because the communication flows from top down and back up again. There’s no hierarchy. And you see that in everything we do: you see it in the work ethic, you see it in the passion, you see it in the quality we put forth.

​​​​​​​Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services
We had just hired a new guy he said to me, "Becca, we need to make our product better.’ It was just one of those awe-struck moments where you’re so proud that a new hire felt comfortable enough to step up and take initiative so quickly. He wasn’t afraid to rock the boat."

​​​​​​​Director of Service Operations
Employee Experience
"In one of my feedback meetings, I was talking to my supervisors about the work that I was doing. Suddenly, they asked me, ‘what is it that we can be doing for you? What other experiences have you not had that you still want? What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of?’ I just thought that was huge. Usually an employer will tell you what it is you should be doing and instead Magellan said 'lets make you happy here. You don’t see that very often.

Senior Clinical Project Manager
Two people shaking hands

“Magellan is a place where people feel welcome, and know that they have a team that has their back.”

SVP, HR Shared Services
Teammates celebrating during a sports game
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