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Meet Magellan Health
Magellan is now part of Centene's Health Care Enterprise family of companies, solving the complex needs of individuals and families. 

At Magellan Health, 10,000 people wake up every day determined to help our members. We do this by connecting behavioral, physical, pharmacy and social needs into a complete picture of care that’s personalized, coordinated and cost-effective. By turning fragmented care into focused care, we empower 1 in 10 Americans to lead healthier, more vibrant lives.

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How do we live out our purpose as individuals working at Magellan? View our stories below. 

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Patricia, Senior Vice President of HR Operations
Patricia is Magellan’s Senior Vice President of HR Operations. Her team is focused on creating an exceptional employee and candidate experience. She shares her personal story and explains her purposeful leadership philosophy: to know your purpose and to lead with empathy.
Jane, Care Manager
Jane is a Care Manager who personalizes health plans for our members. She recalls one case when she helped an elderly couple to “live life on their own terms.” The husband had been diagnosed with dementia, and as time went on he needed more support and care. However, his wife was determined that he remain at home with her so that they could spend as much time together as possible. “As his needs increased, I adjusted the support he needed quickly. He stayed in his home until the day he died, right where he (and his wife) wanted to be.”
Stephanie, Clinical Pharmacy Manager
Stephanie, a Manager of Clinical Pharmacy Operations, often goes above and beyond to meet the specific needs of our members: A patient suffering from Cystic Fibrosis was out of medication and his local pharmacy was unable to get any in stock due to backorder,” Stephanie explained. She took it upon herself to phone multiple other pharmacies until she found one that had the medication, transfer his prescription, and get it filled. “He started crying when I called him back to tell him what I’d done.”
Cari, Military Family Life Counselor
Cari, a Military Family Life Counselor, spends her days supporting the children of military families through counseling and guidance. “Military family children move many times. They change schools often. They deal with feelings of loss when a parent deploys,” Cari explains.
Cari, a military family life counselor at Magellan
Magellan is a place where people feel welcome, and know that they have a team that has their back.
SVP HR Shared Services
Teammates celebrating during a sports game
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