When you say I want to wake up every day knowing I'll be helping someone, we hear you

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You’re taking your first career step. Make sure it has impact.

An internship at Magellan Health is packed with experience and opportunity. From day one you’ll be working alongside senior professional colleagues, given real responsibilities, and be contributing to projects and services that directly benefit the thousands of members that rely on us, every day.You’ll make valuable connections, learn from your experience, enjoy dedicated mentoring, and forge lifetime friendships. We’ll make absolutely sure that you make the most of every moment you spend with us.

As a new career professional, Magellan Health is a great place to start and grow your career! We will make you feel right at home. We will make sure you make the right connections all while ensuring you feel supported in our first real job out of college. You will also get an opportunity to help us fulfill on on our mission! 

At Magellan Health, our unwavering purpose is to lead humanity to healthy, vibrant lives. We’re a Fortune 500 company with an award-winning attitude towards innovation and excellence in healthcare. Our people are truly collaborative, generous and supportive. An internship with us will take you far beyond the classroom, accelerating your career trajectory, developing your people skills, and giving you the flexibility to explore every corner of our business.

Our culture and work-life flow is like no other in our sector. Take a few minutes to read some of the stories below, to get a flavor of life at Magellan and of some of the amazing experiences our interns and new graduates have enjoyed.

When you say you want a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we hear you.
Magellan employees outside posing for a picture
Magellan employees on a hike
Two Magellan employees at an event
Employees doing volunteer work, making lunches
Magellan employees at Wall Street in New York City
Magellan employees at the YMCA

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