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Work from Anywhere, Anyone?

Caskie Lewis-Clapper is Magellan’s Chief Human Resources Officer

Great companies are defined by great people. We believe that hard work is what makes our employees great—not where, or when they’re doing it. That’s why over half of our employees work from home, full time.

“We wanted to create a workforce that's made up of the very best talent on the market, regardless of where they're sitting,” explained Caskie Lewis-Clapper, Magellan’s CHRO and the driving voice behind our remote capabilities. “It doesn’t matter if you’re located in Colorado or Maine; if you’re the best person for the job, we want you on our team.”

Caskie recalls the moment when she had this realization. We were trying to recruit a network leader for one of our east coast offices, but we could not find the right person locally. At the time, our model was that everyone had to be based in an office, so we were stuck between choosing a mediocre candidate and having an empty position. I thought that didn’t make any sense, so I asked the question, ‘do they really have to sit here?’”

This simple question changed our philosophy. “I said, ‘would you rather have the right person working remotely or the almost right person sitting down the hall from you?’ That was a pivotal moment in in our history because that's when we declared as a company that we want the best talent based on the work to be done, not where the employee is located.” Fast forward a few years later and we’re still at the forefront of offering better, more flexible work options that allow professionals to balance work and life.

Being able to work from anywhere is a great perk. But not all companies will let you telecommute. So if flexible work is important to you, join us.