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You want to be the best you can be

We hear you

The Prerequisite for Working Moms

I have two day-jobs. I’m Magellan’s Vice President of Digital Social Media and Employer Brand, and mother to five-year-old Sydney and two-year-old Cameron. As you can imagine, these positions don’t always adhere to normal business hours, and sometimes, one demands more attention than the other; this ebb and flow is part of life.

Magellan understands this. I am just one of thousands of working mothers who are able to thrive here. From my very first day Magellan has offered me unparalleled flexibility to fit work around my family and friends. The best part of my job is that I’m able to hang up my Magellan hat and put on my mom hat without a lengthy commute and without any stigma attached to it. Magellan calls this flexibility ‘work-life flow.’

Unlike work-life balance which suggests sacrifice and friction like two forces working against each other, work-life flow mimics the authentic ebb and flow of life. The reality is there are times you are going to work way more than 40-hours a week, and you need to be prepared for that. But with that willingness to give to the company, comes the freedom to take the time and space you need to recharge. Magellan trusts me to make productive and healthy choices about when to work and when to enjoy life. For me, that might mean spending extra time getting my little ones out the door in the morning, but for the first time in my career there is no judgement attached with that choice.

This freedom does not make me an exception at Magellan—I’m not granted this flexibility because I’m a Vice President or because I climbed the ranks during years of service to the organization. In fact, I’ve only been at Magellan a year and a half and am one of the ~5,000 employees who work remotely full-time.

A lot of people don’t know just how committed Magellan is to hiring the best person for every role, regardless of where they live or how they do their best work. It’s our best kept secret that we want to get out into the market.

In the time that I’ve been at Magellan, I’ve delivered some of the best work of my career, including leading the team who built Magellan’s employer brand in 100 days. I work alongside such a talented and dedicated team, many of whom wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the flexibility of Magellan. I’m as ambitious and career focused as I am dedicated to being the best mom I can be. Working from home makes it possible to comfortably achieve both. These days I see this more as a prerequisite than a privilege because Magellan has changed my perspective. For that, I’m extremely grateful and I know there’s many more like me here too.

If your career is being held back by a corporate structure that makes it difficult to excel, consider accelerating your career at Magellan. Bring your a-game and we’ll give you the freedom to use it.