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Working as a Clinical Pharmacist at Magellan

As a Manager of Clinical Pharmacy Operations, Stephanie says it’s “the best of everything. A typical day involves “assisting account managers and clients with questions, as well as, leading and developing our contact center agents,” she explained.

“Working in the clinical pharmacy space is rewarding,” Stephanie explained. You can’t put into words the feeling that accompanies helping people get what they need.” Stephanie had a member interaction recently that reminded her why she loves her job at Magellan.

“A patient suffering from cystic fibrosis was out of medication and his local pharmacy was unable to get any in stock due to backorder,” Stephanie explained. “The member was clearly distressed about the uncertainty of his situation. So I assured him I would get him his medication and didn’t stop until I did. Stephanie called multiple pharmacies until she found one that had the medication, transferred his prescription and got it filled. “He started crying when I called him back to tell him what I’d done.”

Maneuvering through the healthcare system can be overwhelming, especially for patients like this who are facing a stressful situation.. “I am here to help and am proud to be part of the solution.”

Our pharmacists make a difference. If you want to work with meaningful people who care, you're in the right place. Join us.

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