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Meet Jane, Working as a Care Manager at Magellan

As a Care Manager, Jane provides support and education to help participants self-direct their healthcare. “I’m a registered nurse, so I perform assessments and conduct home visits for our program participants to ensure their personal care needs are being met in a safe, comfortable environment.”

“The best part about working as a Care Manager at Magellan is the autonomy and the work schedule,” Jane explained. A typical day includes travelling to participant’s homes, completing assessments and paperwork, partnering with participants and their families through face-to-face visits, and collaborating with IRIS Consultants and co-workers.

Just recently, Jane saw the positive impact of her work when she helped an elderly couple continue living together at home, despite the husband’s compounding dementia. “As time went on he needed more and more support and care. His wife was determined that he remain at home with her. As his needs increased, I adjusted the support he needed quickly, and I supported his wife as well. He was able to stay in his home, right where he wanted to be, until the day he died.”

Through her role as a Care Manager, Jane personalized their care to complement their wishes. “I arranged for at-home visits from doctors, nurses, and other wellness professionals. The couple remained comfortable and in charge of their own lives.”

It's always an honor to participate in a members' wellness journey. We have open Care Manager jobs, check them out today.