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Working as a Military Family Life Counselor at Magellan

As a Military Family Life Counselor, Cari works on a base with children of Military families. She provides them with therapy and other mental wellness options to help them navigate their circumstances, which can often be challenging.

“Children in military families move many times, change schools often, and accompany their parents to other countries. The children I work with are often dealing with powerful feelings as a result of constant movement and loss when a parent deploys,” Cari explained.

Cari’s work means that she deals with difficult-to-answer questions from the children she supports. “I help answer questions like ‘why does my mom have to leave or when am I going to see my dad again.  I listen to their worries and provide comfort. It is my greatest honor to be there for the children of military families, just as they’ve been there for our country.”

At Magellan Health, we value the special moments you share with your family. That’s why we’re committed to helping military families who may be struggling.

Think you can help? We’re hiring Military and Family Life Counselors, apply today.

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