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The Joplin Tornado caused 158 casualties, 1,150 additional injuries, and $2.8 billion dollars in damage

As shocking as those numbers are, it only tells part of the story of rebuilding the lives of the people affected in the Joplin community.

The aftermath of the tornado demanded acute attention; Magellan was there for that. “We instantly opened up our phone lines manned by our Clinical Care Consultants for support to anyone who needed help, member or not,” David Wadell, a Vice President and General Manager at Magellan explained. “For instance, if somebody called and said ‘I’m out of water and I don’t know where I should go in my community to get some,’ we provided immediate assistance to get them what they needed.”

But what’s especially unique about Magellan is how we showed up for the victims who weren’t necessarily in need of critical care—victims further out from the epicenter, those caught in the ripple effect. David’s family experienced this firsthand.

“My grandparents live in Joplin. They survived the tornado, but lost their home. Their entire house was gone,” David explained. “They’re elderly, they don’t have the capacity to start over like younger people, but their situation wasn’t critical. They weren’t physically injured, they didn’t lose any family members, but that doesn’t mean they weren’t deeply affected.” Magellan understands this, and gave them the help they deserved.

“Magellan brought in resources and my grandparents attended a counseling session and a community debriefing led by our District Clinician, and a traumatic and resiliency training session led by our National Consultant. Even now, years later, they can’t talk enough about how great that was and how much they needed that kind of support and attention at the time.”

In the wake of such a destructive natural disaster, the critical cases take precedence. However, this doesn’t mean that the less urgent, less obvious damage doesn’t deserve equal attention. Magellan delivers on both fronts; we manage crises from all angles, taking into account the destruction done to a community at the epicenter as well as the ripples that stem from a crisis. David’s family is just one of many who benefited from our method.

 “They got the help they needed in the aftermath of an event that quite literally cracked their foundation. Magellan was there for them, provided them with support, and ensured that they were not left behind.”

More recently, Magellan Health raised $80,000 for the Puerto Rican victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. We were able to provide victims with housing, food, healthcare, and counseling in the wake of two tragic natural disasters

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