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Love isn’t Violent, Abuse is.

Trish Carter is a Senior Care Manager of Behavioral Health in our Employee Assistance Program. As a master level clinician, she helps those who call in with a wide breadth of issues, ranging from addiction to domestic violence.

There’s a stigma attached to domestic violence and often the victim believes they are to blame, which means it takes continual care to get someone properly out of harm’s way.

“A lot of times the truth comes out during the course of an unrelated conversation,” Trish, a Senior Care Manager in our Employee Assistance Program, explained. “Because of the stigma attached to the problem, many people are hesitant to just come out and say it.”

The problem is domestic violence; Trish is part of the solution. Her job is to help victims find resources and counseling that can enable them to get out of dangerous, unhealthy situations.

“I spend a lot of time speaking with victims in terms of validating their situation. I help them to understand that they’re not responsible for their partner’s reactions, that it’s not their fault they are being abused. Because, a lot of the time, the victim becomes convinced that somehow they are the culprit.”

Beyond the emotional support that Trish provides, she also guides the member to resources that can help him or her receive continual care. “I am able to find counselors, shelters, and even help them seek legal advice to sever ties with their abuser,” she explained.

Trish recalls a recent caller that reinforced her purpose at Magellan. “Katie was a 28-year-old woman at the start of her life, but she felt trapped. She had tried to end things with her boyfriend, but he wouldn’t stop pursuing her; it was getting violent. So I was able to talk to her, point her in the direction of help, and ultimately, to change the course of her life. It’s the most rewarding job I can think of.” 

Trish is just one among thousands at Magellan who wake up every day determined to change lives for the better. This is not an over dramatization, or an exaggeration—it’s the reality of a job here.

If you think you could help victims like Katie, or do good work like Trish, join us.

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