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An Entire Community Was Broken When 26 People Were Killed During the Sandy Hook School Shooting

It can take years for a community to rebuild after a tragic event like a school shooting. Magellan stepped in to help pick up the pieces.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the town of Newtown, Connecticut was devastated. 26 people were killed in the attack, including 20 children under the age of 7. The grief and devastation the victim’s families felt is unfathomable.

Among those affected beyond the victims’ families were friends, colleagues, and neighbors. And then there were the people who delivered their mail, waved to them on their walk to school, and even those who poured their morning coffee. Magellan recognizes that these people, despite their more distant connections to the event, were significantly affected and deserve to be acknowledged for their sorrow.

Many of the teachers who were tragically killed in the Sandy Hook shooting would stop at a local coffee shop, and Magellan customer, on their way into school each morning. The baristas knew their faces, their names, their orders, and what time they’d be in. It was a morning ritual, unacknowledged by either party but anticipated by both.

So when those teachers stopped coming in, when those baristas stopped making those morning lattes, a noticeable void started to form. And then one day it hit the staff: they aren’t coming.

They needed help. Magellan was there to provide resiliency training, led by our National Consultant, for employees who were caught in the ripple effect of this tragedy—in this case, the grief associated with losing a face you’d grown accustomed to seeing every day, an order you’d fill each morning, and a name you’d memorized from having written it on a cup.

These things are significant. They matter. And because they matter, we show up. We work around the clock to support our community in times of need. If that sounds like you too, join our team and do meaningful work with people who care.

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