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Prescribing drugs isn’t always the answer

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175 people die from an avoidable addiction to opioids in US every day

Dr. Caroline Carney MD, MSc, FAPM, CPHQ is a Chief Medical Officer here at Magellan Health. In this role, she uses her background in behavioral health and specialty medicine to lead our team of medical directors.

Unless someone leads the conversation and commits to driving significant change, this number will only increase. That someone is Magellan Health.

“In hundreds of small towns scattering through the Midwest, a huge percentage of individuals are suffering from a crippling opioid addiction.” Dr. Caroline Carney explained.

 Transparency is key when it comes to battling this epidemic. Many people avoid treatment due to the stigma associated with substance use disorders. That’s why we engage families, peers, and government agencies in conversations about addiction, recovery, relapse, and what we can do to alleviate this national crisis. 

We provide answers to tough questions, and spark conversation around a topic too often kept quiet. And we don’t stop there. We implement post-surgery opioid disposal plans, and just earlier this year, our CEO of Magellan Healthcare, Sam Srivastava, appeared before Congress to help support legislation that will help providers, patients, their families and communities. “Magellan has seen first-hand the magnitude of the opioid crisis and its impact on communities and families,” Sam explained. “We must provide evidence-based, comprehensive, and effective services to those living with substance use disorders.”

As the opioid epidemic continues to evolve, so does Magellan’s commitment to reducing the stigma surrounding it, and to implementing concentrated, tangible efforts toward a coordinated resolution. We are 10,000 strong, working diligently to get people the help they need so they can live healthy, vibrant lives.

If you are looking for meaningful work with people who care, we want to hear from you. Join us.

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