Wraparound works to keep kids with their families

At Magellan Health, we listen with real empathy. We listen to understand and to take the right actions that lead to positive impact on our members’ lives. Because of this, we find more opportunities to drive change and improvement across the healthcare industry. Our innate understanding leads us to ask more questions and demand better outcomes via innovation and change and our High Fidelity Wraparound program is just example on how we are driving change across the industry. 

The High Fidelity Wraparound program is a family-focused planning process that brings people together from different areas of a family's life to form a support team to help kids stay in their homes, schools and communities, according to Lisa Brockman with the Division of Healthcare Financing of the Wyoming Department of Health. 

Through our partnership with the Wyoming Department of Health, Division of Healthcare Financing (Medicaid), we coordinate care and build teams of support through the High Fidelity Wraparound model to manage day-to-day challenges of children, youth and their families where they live.

Our local Magellan Healthcare, Inc. team serves as the Care Management Entity for youth with complex behavioral health conditions. A Care Management Entity manages the High Fidelity Wraparound program. Which means we set the rules and provide training for all the people involved in the High Fidelity Wraparound process.

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