Magellan Cares Foundation Grant Provides "Peaceful Escape" for NICU Families

At Magellan Health, we listen with real empathy. We listen to understand and to take the right actions that lead to positive impact on our members’ lives. Because of this, we find more opportunities to drive change and improvement across the healthcare industry. Our innate understanding leads us to ask more questions and demand better outcomes via innovation and change. At Magellan  Health we are compassionately curious about how we can help others. The Magellan Cares Foundations is just one of those examples. 

The Magellan Cares Foundation changes the lives of people in communities across the U.S. Thanks to a recent grant, a storage room in the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at IU Health North Hospital has been transformed into a "Peaceful Escape," a room dedicated to providing families with a calm and tranquil environment.  The grant enabled NICU team members to refurnish the room, including the flooring, walls, furniture, lighting, wall art and accessories and provide a serene room for parents to take a mental break.

In addition to the tranquil ambiance of the room, the space provides an opportunity for parents to learn new strategies for relaxation and coping. Specifically, parents can find a menu of ideas and services, including art activities, music therapy, journaling, reiki, guided imagery, spiritual counseling and pet therapy.

Lee Ellen Meiss, Chief Transformation Officer, is a long-standing volunteer in the NICU and was a big part in making this room become a reality.  

"In the ten years that I have volunteered in the NICU, I have met so many wonderful families and caregivers. I’m delighted that new parents have a place to mentally prepare for their newly increased family-size – especially when their new circumstances may not be as they have planned. It was heartwarming to see a new Mom use the room the very night we opened the room so that she could have some alone time to collect her thoughts," reflects Lee Ellen.  

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