Life @ Magellan

When asked to reflect on time spent with a group of people, it’s rare to remember exactly the things they did or said. Everyday interactions tend to blend together with time, until eventually memories become indecipherable. The one thing you’re sure to remember, however, is how those people made you feel.

So, when we asked a handful of Magellan employees to speak about the experiences they had with their teams, the majority of the responses we got were focused on how their teams made them feel. We were inundated with stories of compassion, tenacity, camaraderie, and friendship.

Behind all these stories was a common thread. Pride. Pride for Magellan, for the good work being done, and for being part of a great team. We invite you to follow along as we share these stories of life inside Magellan. In turn, we hope you gain insight into why we’re proud to call ourselves a team, and that you will consider joining us one day.