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Job Description

The Education Services Facilitator (ESF) supports Navy Fleet and Family Support Programs, a central delivery system for service member and family support. The ESF works at the installation Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) to provide services that facilitate personal and family readiness and adaptation to life in the military. The programs they support are designed to keep individuals and families resilient and strong, preventing individual and family dysfunction, facilitating personal and family self-sufficiency, and creating overall command and community well-being.
ESFs are non-clinical personnel who may provide one-on-one consultation, information and referral, classroom training, workshops, and seminars.  The employee filling this ESF position will work as a specialist primarily in the Life Skills & FAP Education functional areas, but could be assigned to assist in any of the Education Services Facilitator programs and services identified below.Job Duties
Deployment and Mobilization Support
• Provide pre-deployment, mid-deployment, return and reunion, and post-deployment briefs/ workshops for commands, sailors and their families.
• Provide outreach efforts that target (at a minimum) the most at-risk groups to include: first-term service members geographically separated or socially isolated families, single parents, foreign-born spouses and others with
special needs.
• Provide deployment briefs/workshops that are tailored to the command demographics needs (e.g., singles, new parents, couples, and children) and should address the needs of the type of command (e.g., special warfare, air, submarine, surface, etc.).  Deployment materials and checklists should be appropriate and be provided to requesting commands.
• Provide deployment services and information to mobilized reservists and family members, as well as to individual augmentees and family members.
• Provide information to school staff, teachers, and guidance counselors to ensure they understand the unique needs of military children.
• Provide training, briefs/workshops to Command Family Readiness Groups.
• Provide aggressive command outreach and liaison to ashore and afloat commands.
• Provide Pre- and Post-Deployment SAPR training using Navy standardized curricula, when not provided by
SAPR personnel.Individual Deployment Support
• Provide standardized Individual Augmentee (IA) family case management IAW CNIC Individual Deployment Support Desk Guide.
• Serve as the designated POC for an individual Sailor or family to support them in obtaining
• necessary services before, during and after IA assignment.
• Serve as a liaison with other military community agencies. Provide regular follow-up and case
• management services per family request for assigned IA sailors or family members.
• Using existing resources, support families by providing necessary required forms, obtaining explanation and directions from subject matter experts, and advising them through the bureaucratic requirements associated with
IA assignment.
• Provide feedback and information to CNIC leadership regarding family needs, lapses in the system, and
response times.
• Address system lapses in a timely and professional manner.
• Utilize information technology including the internet as available to keep abreast of changes.
• Serve families and provide support where needed, while being responsive to the overall needs and tempo of the FFSP.
• Coordinate and integrate family services and referrals utilizing on- and off-installation resources, state, intra-state, and federal services as necessary.Repatriation
• Provide current information, referral and a range of support services to families when designated as the family’s safe haven POC.Ombudsman Training and Support
• Coordinate and offer the standardized Ombudsmen Basic Training (OBT) course locally by certified OBT trainers to meet training need.
•  Coordinate and conduct advanced Ombudsman Training, to include after hours training to best meet the needs of the customers.
• Maintain a current and complete roster of local Ombudsmen including Naval Reserve Ombudsmen.
• Provide support and consultation to Ombudsmen, Assemblies, and Commands.Relocation Assistance
• Maintain current, updated installation relocation data that are available to customers and on OSD websites.
• Provide inbound and outbound relocation programs through briefs/workshops and individual assistance for eligible military and family members.
• Provide full-range of Inter-Cultural Relations programs OCONUS and a full range of overseas preparation briefs/workshops and individual assistance CONUS.
• Provide homeport change assistance services and support.
• Conduct Sponsor training.
• Liaison with School Liaison Officer and Child and Youth programs to ensure Military children are provided
relocation support.Life Skills Education
• Provide life skills education for sailor and families in seven core content areas including: stress management, anger management, suicide prevention, relationships, new spouse orientation, communication skills and parenting.
• Provide Operational Stress Control information during existing programs and services whenever feasible and practical.
• Provide a comprehensive array of parenting classes that are tailored to specific developmental periods, e.g., parenting newborns, toddler, teens, etc.
• Develop an extensive variety of class materials for customers to enhance the learning experience.
• Coordinate with other support programs such as Chaplains, Child and Youth, and Drug and Alcohol programs to ensure consistency in delivery of life skills programs and services.
• Be prepared to offer programs  as single or multi-session classes/workshops and to offer workshops/classes at times and locations, to include after hours, to best meet needs of customers.Transition Assistance
• Coordinate, publicize, facilitate, and host TAP workshops (e.g., 5-day Transition GPS workshop, Career Tracks, and Capstone Event) in coordination with partner agencies to include, but not limited to, the Department of Labor, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Small Business Administration.
• Ensure that TAP workshops include all required content areas, adhere to class size requirements, are offered with sufficient frequency to minimize wait time, and ensure each student is given the opportunity to complete the on‐line feedback survey prior to the end of the final day of the course.
• Provide individualized counseling and assistance to all transitioning military and family members.
• Provide assistance to customers utilizing the FFSP Career Development Resource Center.
• Coordinate delivery of workshops and individualized assistance on Career Technical Training, Accessing Higher Education, and Entrepreneurship.
• Serve, as needed, on the Family Readiness Coordinating Committee (FRCC).
• Organize, promote and/or support area job fairs and employment expositions with local, state and/or
Federal agencies.
• Provide CONSEP seminars to first-term and mid-career personnel in coordination with Command Career Counselors.
• Provide training to command/unit leaders on Transition Assistance Programs detailed in the VOW Act of 2011, and VEI Task Force requirements.
• Ensure Transition GPS group workshops are entered into DMDC TAP data collection system.
• Provide both group and/or self‐paced facilitation for the Accessing Higher Education (AHE) Career Track, as outlined in the standardized curriculum. (The NAFI will provide training to any contract personnel requiring training on the standard curriculum.)Family Employment Readiness
• Coordinate, publicize and provide a wide variety of family employment readiness workshops (e.g., effective job search and interviewing, resume writing), with outreach into the community.
• Provide individualized skill assessment, career counseling and coaching to family members seeking employment assistance.
• Provide assistance to customers utilizing the FFSP Career Development Resource Center.
• Organize, promote and/or support area job fairs and employment expositions with community- based, local, state and/or Federal agencies.Personal Financial Management – Basic Education and Training
• Coordinate, publicize and provide a wide variety of Personal Financial Management classes/workshops, e.g., car buying, basic budgeting, managing credit, debt liquidation, consumer awareness, insurance, savings and investments, and retirement planning.
• Respond to requests for age-appropriate classes or seminars to youths and teens as part of on-base education.
• Conduct initial and refresher Command Financial Specialist (CFS) training.
• Assist Command Financial Specialists in developing General Military Training (GMT) on topics relating to Personal Financial Management.Exceptional Family Member Program Case Liaison
• Establish and maintain cooperative relationships with local MTF, School Liaison Officer, and school district to ensure delivery of integrated EFMP services.
• Provide non-medical case management for assigned EFMP families and document case notes in NFAAS.
• Coordinate with agencies and other service support offices to include installation medical and recreational facilities, community service agencies and private organizations.
• Develop and provide EFMP education and marketing, to include providing command briefings, writing articles and using multi-media publications/communication methods to conduct outreach and to stress the importance of EFMP enrollment.
• Perform administrative functions associated with the training, education and outreach program plans. Collect, analyze, and maintain training, education and outreach materials, including: listings of services and resources, information on the command outreach concept and plan, reports, and surveys.
• Ensure EFMP information is incorporated as appropriate in FFSP education and awareness
campaigns.Family Advocacy Program – Awareness and Prevention Education
• Provide public awareness campaigns and programs are offered in support of National Child Abuse Prevention and National Domestic Violence Awareness Months.
• Ensure that family violence prevention and education programs are provided with sufficient frequency to ensure that all of the following groups are trained: COs, XOs, FAP Command POCs, senior enlisted personnel, CRC, service members, chaplains, child care and youth activities staff, installation law enforcement and medical staff.
• Ensure that FAP awareness and prevention education briefs and workshops shall include, at a minimum, the dynamics of child and domestic abuse, reporting requirements, the FAP, victim sensitivity and support, and the importance of community coordination.
• Ensure that FAP information and referral, and awareness and prevention education services are entered and counted in FFSMIS.
• Ensure staff delivering FAP awareness and prevention education services are accounting for all services scheduled and delivered in the automated Centralized Scheduling and Metrics system in use by the FFSP.All Program areas:
• Provide a full range of briefings and workshops in support of assigned program areas.
• Maintain current, updated data in program area such as resources, informational material
• Ensure that services are entered and counted in on-line systems used by FFSPs including FFSMIS and the automated Centralized Scheduling and Metrics system
• Fully support the FFSP role in emergency preparedness and response including participation in exercises and execution of an Emergency Family Assistance Center when directed.
o Participate in emergency response exercises carried out by the Region, Installation or FFSP.
o Facilitate FFSP participation and activities in support of public awareness campaigns such as
Ready Navy
o Implement emergency response plans in the event of an actual situation requiring humanitarian response.
o Execute Emergency Family Assistance Center assigned responsibilities as exercised and directed.
o Prepare and conduct management briefings in order to communicate recommendations on training
and exercises.Return and Reunion Services
• Individuals in this position could be assigned to provide Return and Reunion Services as part of job duties. Tasks include planning, coordinating and executing the delivery of programs aboard ship at the end of long overseas deployment, plus training and certifying staff to be Return and Reunion team members. Return and Reunion teams are deployed at the request of a command or aircraft carrier battle group to provide programs while in transit to home port for the purpose of assisting personnel in managing their re-entry into family and community life.  Deployments generally last a few days to two weeks.  Return and Reunion assignments are generally filled by staff who volunteer for this role, but individuals should be prepared to do their share of rotations.Preferred
-Prior experience supporting the Navy FFSP contract is strongly preferred.Requirements
• Bachelors in adult education or a social science/behavioral science OR Combination of college education and equivalent experience to a bachelor’s degree OR 4 years equivalent experience
• 2 years’ experience in training development and review, public speaking, and group presentation and facilitation skills
• Ability to interpret program evaluation, needs assessment feedback and data to implement results in educational program delivery and market planning
• Skilled in use of program presentation technology and ability to train others in presentation skill building
• In OCONUS locations, strong preference is given to hiring on-site spouses/family members to minimize relocation requirements.
• Staff providing Return and Reunion services must be physically and emotionally able to withstand the rigors of Return and Reunion trips. Some Return and Reunion trips may require a VISA.

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