Psychological Health Coordinator

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Job Description

Provides behavioral health consultation services for Michigan Army National Guard Service Members (SM) and their families, promoting mental health fitness and personal wellness for operational readiness and reintegration to civilian life.
  • Provides 24/7/365 access to clinically appropriate intake, assessment, behavioral health screening and referral services conducted in person, telephonically or by email.
  • Provides clinical case management services; assessment, intervention plan, referral, and monitoring of clinical progress.
  • Assesses the SM for his/her presenting issues; define an appropriate intervention plan; work with collateral agents (if applicable); conduct follow up with the SM and collateral agents; and consult with the SM's supervisor/commander regarding duty limiting conditions (if applicable). 
  • Engages in Mental Health Awareness and Wellness Promotion activities (Yellow Ribbon, Coping with Deployment, etc.) facilitating the prevention and education of mental health issues, early intervention, crisis response and post-intervention per requested post-deployment and wellness events.
  • Provides consultation services to leaders and units in accordance with direction of the Director of Psychological Health and the Deputy State Surgeon.
  • The Psychological Health Coordinator Services shall engage in two distinct types of behavioral health consultation:
  • Clinical consultations to leadership to foster quality care and mission readiness while respecting HIPAA regulations and respective licensing and ethical standards.
  • Non-clinical consultations on behavioral health and wellness issues including elements of military or civilian life that do not fit into a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder, problem, concern over all well-being framework.  
  • Maintains a log of all referrals, source of referrals, and follow- up activities.
  • Provides the expertise of a behavioral health professional to assist in short term problem resolution.
  • Provides service during critical incident, challenging events that have the potential to create significant human distress and can overwhelm the usual coping mechanisms of a service members or a family member. The service shall be comprehensive, phase sensitive, and integrated multi- component approach to crisis intervention. The activities may be in collaboration with Director of Psychological Health, Family Programs, Chaplain Services, and Risk Resiliency Reduction/Suicide Prevention team. Engage and provide services in two types of critical event support:
  • Crisis Response: The Contractor shall provide service emergency assessment, phone consultation, outreach, emergency medication management, crisis case management and assistance with hospitalization.
  • Critical Incident Response. The Contractor shall provide service to help individuals exposed to critical incidents to identify and cope with their responses to these events. This service provides "psychological first aid" to minimize the harmful effects of job stress, during in crisis or emergency situations. This service shall include pre-incident training and post-incident services.
  • Performs assessment, referral, and case management for service members to support the overall psychological health readiness of the force.
  • Possesses an understanding of available systems of care and experience collaborating with social services agencies to integrate resources, plan to ensure delivery of comprehensive services.
  • Attends Medical Readiness Events as determined by the needs of the MIARNG and the individual units.
  • Conducts accurate behavioral health evaluations and mental status examinations of MIARNG personnel in accordance with military regulations.
  • Makes sound clinical recommendations with limited information and in the context of diagnostic uncertainty.
  • Connects identified SMs with available resources. Monitors compliance, progress, and outcomes of any Crisis Intervention Team, Psychological Health Program, and Family Program Office, Office of the Chaplain, and other Guard entities and programs related to psychological well-being.
  • Possesses  an understanding of available systems of care and experience collaborating with social services agencies to integrate resources, plan to ensure delivery of comprehensive services.
  • Serves as a resource for SM and unit commands regarding implementation of treatment recommendations and restrictions of SM activities.
  • Collaborates with behavioral health personnel at all organizational levels from Brigade to unit level.
  • Identifies problems and gaps in the current behavioral health delivery system and devises methods to improve and enhance the system of services.
  •  Advises MIARNG personnel on behavioral health issues. Provide consultation and training to military commands and service providers.
  •  Maintains a working knowledge and proficiency in linkage and referral to the array of resources available to MIARNG personnel.
  •  Provides screenings, assessments, re-assessments, review of medical records, profiles reviews, calls coordinating services, and other related clinical services.
  • Responsible for tracking behavioral health status of ALL assigned SM.
  • Responsible for medical charting in all medical systems used by the MIARNG in the commission of care of service members including: 
  • Coordinates Soldier treatment plans with appropriate medical facilities.
  • Maintains automated referrals indicated in MEDCHART/eCase.
  • Submits case processing, medical documentation, and profile concerns to military provider.  
  • Ensures those Soldiers referred by a provider are followed by the medical case management team.
  • Manages Soldier’s care from the identification of the condition to when the Soldier is either medically ready or administratively separated from the military.  
  • Follows the regulations and policies applicable to Individual Medical Readiness (IMR) and deployment, to include the AR 40-501 and other applicable guidance.
  • Ensures all medical documentation received from the Soldier and/or their medical team is received and placed in appropriated electronic record, as well as the Soldier’s treatment record (STR).
  • Provides Records Custodian or delegate with all relevant behavioral health documentation.
  • Obtains release of information from Soldier.
  • Educates Soldiers on resources available to improve behavioral health readiness and resiliency.
  • Maintains Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) standards and guidelines.
  • Reviews and tracks critical health assessment referrals, mental health assessment needs, medication management and contact SM to educate on lifestyle modifications as appropriate. 
  • Uploads medical documents of case managed Soldiers into Health Readiness Record (HRR) and other systems of record within 3 business day or as appropriate.
  • Contractor will ensure all administrative charting in eCase is completed.
  • Tracks medical appointments by communicating with unit to ensure Soldier attendance and submission of follow up documentation.
  •  Documents in eCase or other systems of record as appropriate, any contact (email, voice call, or personal interview) and/or actions taken to support SM.  
  •  Communicates with delegated government personnel to track compliance versus noncompliance.
  • Reviews MEDCHART report Post PHA/SRP event for any new critical health assessment referrals and action as needed.
  • Advises the Commander or his/her designated representative of Behavioral Health Readiness.

General Job Information


Psychological Health Coordinator



Job Family

Federal Contracts Group


United States of America

FLSA Status

United States of America (Exempt)

Recruiting Start Date


Date Requisition Created


Minimum Qualifications


Masters: Behavioral Health (Required), PhD: Behavioral Health (Required)

License and Certifications - Required

LCSW - Licensed Clinical Social Worker - Care Mgmt, LISW - Licensed Independent Social Worker - Care Mgmt, PSY - Psychologist - Care Mgmt

License and Certifications - Preferred

Other Job Requirements


  • Master’s and/or Doctorate degree in a clinical or administrative mental health field from an accredited college or university recognized by the corresponding professional association(s).
  • State license and/or registration to meet the requirements of a qualified mental health practitioner. Must function at the independent level without requiring state mandated clinical supervision; work independently and have flexibility, personal integrity and ability to work effectively in a military environment.
  • Minimum five (5) years of clinical or administration mental health care experience after receiving the qualifying graduate degree for this position.
  • PC Proficiency, specifically Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Access, SharePoint and data entry skills to create and maintain clinical record keeping duties.
  • Must be able to operate general office equipment including but not limited to: computer, phones and related media and information devices on most or all workday.

  • Ability to communicate and interact with others, both in person and/or by telephone to conduct business.

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