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At Magellan Health, we are a leader in managing complex population health, concentrating on all areas across healthcare and pharmaceutical management. We do this through two unique platforms – Magellan Healthcare and Magellan Rx Management. 

From our care management to our medical management teams we driven by a sense of purpose that helps shape holistic and healthy treatment of our members. We listen and understand our members to help them live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

We offer clinical career opportunities that are meaningful and improve your development and professional growth. We offer a broad range of opportunities that include, but are not limited to behavioral healthcare clinicians, physicians, psychologists and nurses. Typical positions include Care Manager, Initial Clinical Review Nurses, Licensed Care Coordinators, Pharmacists, Medical Directors and Physician Clinical Reviewers for all specialties.

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“My role helps people reach their full potential. As we go through life we have these bumps in the road and that’s usually where I meet the members. I help them work through those detours by providing access to the right care and helping them get over to the next success in their life.”

Chantel Pope Senior Care Manager

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