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How We Hire

Great businesses are defined by great people. At Magellan, we look for great people to join our growing team every day. We are committed to hiring the best person for each role based on skill set and talent. That means we look first at the work to be done, not where the person is located. We hire around 2,000 people a year who are at the top of their game and are ready to make a difference. If this sounds like you, explore our opportunities today.

Once you find an opportunity you want to apply for, here’s what you can expect during the application process:

Follow these steps to apply for a position at Magellan.

Start your search

  • Search opportunities by keyword, job category, or location/remote. Start your search here.

Create your profile

  • If you are new to the system, you'll need to create a personal account, which is protected by a username and password. You'll need it each time you apply for a job or update your profile. Before starting the profile process, ensure you have an updated copy of your resume/curriculum vitae (CV) with you so you can provide all the information requested. Recruiters will use your profile to match your qualifications with present and future job opportunities so we encourage you to keep your profile up to date. You can also choose to receive notifications of available openings that match your profile. Create your profile now.


  • When you find a job that interests you, click the "Apply Now" button on the description page. You'll be prompted to enter your username and password; and if you haven't yet submitted a profile, you'll have to complete that process first.

Interviews don’t have to be stressful. Follow these steps to best prepare for your interview.

Think about what makes you a good fit for the position

  • Prior experience
  • Personal investment
  • Education background

Think about the questions you have for Magellan

  • Show active listening and interest by asking the interviewer to expand on something they said that resonates with you. This keeps the conversation flowing and shows that you are engaged
  • Be ready to share examples of work that you have done that connect with the requirements of the job
  • Talk with your recruiter to prepare -your recruiter is a great resource to help you get ready

Because we value work-life flow and we have a large remote workforce, Magellan frequently uses video interviewing, via a platform called Zoom meeting. Here are some tips to make it successful:

  • Treat it like a live interview – dress appropriately and ensure your environment is tidy and professional in appearance
  • Look into the camera to create eye contact
  • Arrive early to ensure your equipment is set up and ready to go

We both have an exciting decision to make about whether we have a future together. Here’s what you can expect from us:

Post-Interview correspondence

  • We’ll contact you whether or not you are offered the position

Clarity and respect

  • This is just how we operate at Magellan

If selected, a fair and straightforward offer

  • We are here to benefit from you, and to allow you to benefit from us. That’s why we are transparent with our expectations of you, and receptive to your wants and needs.

“When Magellan was recommended to me by a friend, I put a lot of trust into what he had to say about working here. Coming in and meeting the people really validated what he told me.”

Gina Matter

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