When you say

Your best ideas come when you are free to imagine

We hear you

Are you Compassionately Curious?

At Magellan Health, we listen with real empathy. We listen not to reply, but to understand, a company-wide characteristic that enables us to do right by our members and employees alike. By considering the thoughts, wants, and needs of others, we are better able drive change and innovation across the healthcare industry.

Rebecca Prior
, a Director of Service Operations, also experiences our culture of empathetic listening on a daily basis. “We just hired a new team member and, I had a conversation with him about how to improve a product. We quickly started a design and thinking exercise and asked each other ‘if you could wave a magic wand and make whatever product you want, that could do whatever you want, what would it do?’ And then we started mapping out how we could achieve it.”

Becca and her new coworker used their curiosity and compassion for our members as motivation to brainstorm innovative solutions. “We were thinking outside the box to improve a product that would benefit the lives and wellbeing of our members,” Becca explained. “And that’s exactly what we did.”

Brandi Strange, a Call Center Representative, uses this method in her work every single day. “When speaking to a member, the most important thing I do is to put myself in their shoes and treat them with the kindness I’d want for someone in my family,” she explained. “You have to really listen, learn what they value, and help them get there.”

At Magellan we embrace good ideas quickly, regardless of where they come from. You do not need a fancy title or years of tenure to make an impact here. We understand that sometimes, your best ideas come when you’re free to imagine.  If this sounds like you, join us and help us develop innovative solutions for the fastest growing, most complex areas of healthcare.

“Looking at the problems differently and being genuine about wanting to solve for them is what makes Magellan different.”

Rebecca Prior Director, Clinical Innovation at Magellan