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Awards and Accolades

  • 2018 – Fortune 500 List of America’s Largest Companies, Fortune Magazine
  • 2018 – Top 100 Companies for Remote Jobs, FlexJobs
  • 2018 – Most Innovative Companies, Arizona Business Magazine
  • 2018 – Arizona Most Admired Companies
  • 2018 –15 Most Profitable Companies in Arizona, Arizona Business Magazine
  • 2017 – Fortune’s World's Most Admired Companies,Fortune Magazine

What our employees say about working at Magellan

The multilevel collaboration allows for open, safe dialogue throughout the entire company.

We’re so different because the communication flows from top down and back up again. There’s no hierarchy. And you see that in everything we do: you see it in the work ethic, you see it in the passion, you see it in the quality we put forth.

Gina Matter, Senior Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services

Our culture welcomes innovation at any level, and provides the resources to create.

We had just hired a new guy and, I had a conversation with him he’s like, ‘Becca, we need to make our product better.’ It was just one of those awe-struck moments where you’re so proud that a new hire felt comfortable enough to step up and take initiative so quickly. He wasn’t afraid to rock the boat. And so we started doing a design and thinking exercise and asked each other ‘if you could wave a magic wand and make whatever product you want, that could do whatever you want, what would it do?’ And then we started mapping out how we could achieve it. That’s the kind of thinking that makes us different.

Rebecca Prior, Director of Service Operations

We also tailor the Magellan experience to each individual employee.

In one of my feedback meetings, I was talking to my supervisors about the work that I was doing when suddenly they asked me, ‘what is it that we can be doing for you? What other experiences have you not had that you still want? What do you want to do more of? What do you want to do less of?’ And I just thought that was huge because usually an employer will tell you what it is you should be doing and instead Magellan said 'lets make you happy here, what else can we be doing for you?' You don’t see that very often.

Briana Santaniello, Senior Clinical Project Manager

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Top 5 reasons to work at Magellan

“Magellan is a place where people feel welcome, and know that they have a team that has their back.”

Patricia Tourigny

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